Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Wayside still open?
A: Yes and its growing! In 2016 the original founder and operator, Ann Johnson, was diagnosed with a lung disease and was no longer able to run the club. After sharing the news of her health condition, members reciprocated with an outpouring of love and support. And thus, Wayside lives on! A couple of long time members, Bud & MariKay Hamm have paired together and will support Wayside for years to come. They are committed to marketing and growing the member base and we hope you'll consider sharing your travel stories and the benefits of Wayside with others too!

Q: How does the program work?
A: The annual membership period is one year. Member listings include not only the basics — name, address, phone, email — but host listings also include important information such as guest room location, size of bed, whether the bath is private for guests or shared, type of breakfast served, pet acceptance, local area interests and much more.
Members make reservations by calling their potential hosts and making arrangements directly. Upon arrival, guests provide their host the suggested gratuity. After the awkward part is out of the way, the fun and fellowship begins!

Q: How much does it cost us to stay overnight?
A: It depends on your membership type. If you are participating as a Host/Guest (your home is available for others to visit), your gratuity rate is $15 single/$20 couple per night. If you join as a Guest Only (you're not hosting), the rate is $20 single/$25 couple per night. Don't forget that includes breakfast! Either way, it's a great deal!

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: By joining online, you have the option of completing the application using a debit card or Visa, MasterCard or Discover Credit Card. You also have the option on the payment screen to print your completed application and send it along with payment in the mail. You have the option of enclosing a check or sending your card number if you prefer to not make payments using our secure payment site.

Q: I don't have any extra room in my home to host anyone. Can I still join Wayside?
A: Yes, at this time we do accept Guests Only members. Although we prefer members to join as Hosts, we understand that not everyone has the gift of hospitality or the space to accommodate guests at this time. The Guest Only rates are higher than Hosts — without Hosts we wouldn't have a program!

Q: We're in our late 40s and this sounds like fun! Can we join?
A: No, sorry. You have to wait until you're 50. If you're a married couple, just one of you needs to be 50.

Q: I have a small dog who I want to take with me when I travel. Will Wayside homes take pets?
A: Some will. The directory listings include information on whether the hosts have any pets of their own, and if they'll accept any pets. However, keep in mind that these are private homes, and we have to honor our hosts' preferences.

Q: We are non smokers and don't want any smoking in our home. If we host, can we stipulate non smokers only?
A: Yes, you can. That's one of the things included in your host listing.

Q: How many members are in Wayside?
A: We currently have over 600 member households, with almost 3/4 of them hosting. As new members join, they will be updated on our website in a member only password-protected area. We display the current host cities here.

Q: We want to go to Europe next summer. Are there any international hosts?
A: Sorry, at this time there are not. Our market is primarily the United States. However, we do have a few hosts in Canada as well.

Q: I'm a widow, and sometimes I travel with my daughter who's only in her 30s. Can she stay with me at Wayside homes?
A: Yes, she can. Non-members may travel with members for a gratuity of $20 per person per night.

Q: This sounds like a great alternative to a hotel — especially in a resort area! Can I stay as long as I want?
A: We do ask our members to limit their visits to no more than 2 nights, and the host listings will indicate whether or not the hosts will accept multiple nights. Remember, these are private homes — not hotels — and we don't expect our hosts to become hotels. Wayside is meant more for places to stay along the journey — not the final destination hotel for a week of R&R. We especially don't want to overstay our welcome and abuse those hosts who are fortunate enough to live in resort areas.

Q: As a host, am I expected to always be available for guests when they want to visit?
A: We realize that you have a life, most likely love to travel yourself, and will not always be available. That's OK — this is your private home you're making available, and there may be times it just doesn't work out. That's what hotels are for. They're in the business of being available — you're not. We do ask you to respond to your guest's requests as soon as possible and let them know if you're available or not. And, we also want our guests to reconfirm with their hosts a couple of days prior to the visit. Emergencies may come up, and hosts may not be available. Please be understanding of that.

Q: I just found out about Wayside. Can I join now do I have to wait until next year?
A: You may join any time during the year. Once your reference has been contacted, and your membership is activated, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to log into our website to access the Members section. You can start to make your travel plans immediately after your membership has activated!

Q: What if I join midyear? Do I still pay the full price?
A: Yes. All new member's pay a full year's dues when they join and their membership is good for 12 months.

Q: These are complete strangers. How am I going to feel comfortable with them or know what to talk about?
A: Each member's directory listing includes their occupations, what church they attend, as well as their interests and hobbies — so you'll have some idea of what to talk about. But don't worry. You'll quickly experience what so many of our members love about Wayside — the Christian bond and fellowship that turns strangers into family!

Q: Are these homes all Bed and Breakfasts?
A: No, these are the private homes of Christians who are willing to exercise their gift of hospitality by hosting fellow Christians. However, we do have a few professional B&Bs participating in Wayside, and they will accept Wayside members at Wayside rates. As they are running a business and this is their primary source of income, they may limit their Wayside guests to off season periods. That information will be indicated in their listing.

Q: You say this is a Christian club. How do I know that the members are really Christians?
A: The application includes a Statement of Faith, which our members are required to sign. We also ask our members to provide us the name and phone number of their church leader as a reference, and we do call to verify their Christian character. We present Wayside as a Christian club, so potential members know up front who we are and they know what they're joining.

Q: What is the Statement of Faith that members are required to affirm?
A: As a Christian hospitality network for Christians 50 and older, we ask all members to affirm the following statement of faith and dislaimer statement:
Statement of Faith — I/We are Christian and believe in one God — Father, Son and Holy Spirit — creator of heaven and earth. I/We believe Jesus Christ is God's one and only Son who was crucified and rose again. I/We believe in salvation by grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ and proclaim Him as my/our Lord and Savior. I/We believe the Bible to be God's Word and authoritative truth, and I/we strive to be obedient to God's Word. I/We believe the Church to be the Body of Christ, established for worship, witness and mutual edification.
Disclaimer Statement — I understand that the function of Wayside Travel Club, LLC (Wayside) is strictly limited to facilitating the formation and operation of a travelers' referral network for its members. I understand that Wayside cannot make any representations, warranties or guarantees as to the nature, extent, condition, habitability and availability of lodgings offered or furnished by members of Wayside nor can Wayside assume responsibility for the acts of omissions of Wayside members, their families and their guests. Therefore, I hereby agree to release and hold harmless Wayside from any claim or liability for damages arising from my membership and participation in Wayside. I agree that the information I have provided is truthful and accurate. Wayside reserves the right, at its sole discretion, as it deems in the best interests of the overall organization, to refuse or terminate without prior notice the membership of any member(s).

Q: What is Wayside's country of origin?
A: Proudly, the United States of America.

Q: What currency does Wayside transact in?
A: The United States Dollar.

Q: Which credit cards to you accept?
A: Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.
Visa, MasterCard, and Discover

Q: What is your Refund/Return/Cancellation Policy?
A: If you are dissatisfied, we'll do our best to correct the situation to your satisfaction. If we're unable to do so, we'll send you a refund check.

Q: Where can I view your privacy policy?
A: You can access our privacy policy here.

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