Wayside Testimonials

A few of the many comments from Wayside members:

  • We just returned from a 6300 mile trip out west, and we were able to utilize several different Wayside hosts on our trip. Not only did we save significant funds, but the fellowship was outstanding. We have made some Christian friends for life, and some wonderful prayer partners. Thank you for your fine organization.
  • We love the Wayside program and have made good use of it both as hosts and guests. We first heard about Wayside over 12 years ago when I was a volunteer working with Larry Burkett. He talked about it and we joined. Thanks for the great program that you run.
  • Just a note to thank you for Wayside. As a pastor's widow this has brought me great joy as hostess and as a guest. Last summer I had four different guests...each couple was unique and special and I felt afterward that God had paid me a "special" visit. For a woman traveling alone, I feel so much safer and the joy and blessings of being with other Christians is "icing on the cake".
  • It has been a real joy to open our home and hearts to brothers and sisters in Christ. It is hard to say goodbye to them after having such a good time together and sharing our testimonies and life experiences.
  • We have had 8 guests of Wayside members this year and have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. We seem to be a stopping off place for people going on Alaska cruises and have had people from all over the US and one couple from Canada. We love being involved and have stayed on several homes on our trips to California to take supplies down to San Clemente for orphanages in Mexico. Great organization and thanks for all your work to keep it going.
  • We love Wayside. We've made such wonderful friends through it. Love the new membership cards. They're beautiful, and so sturdy! Thank you.
  • It has been a marvelous thing for us to join Wayside. It has made it possible for us to do much traveling. It is wonderful to stay in homes that have lovingly prepared for us and to have grand Christian fellowship. Thanks!
  • My husband's cancer has returned, and our days have been filled with appointments of all kinds. We have hosted many wonderful guests through Wayside. These folks have been like ministering angels. Such a blessing!
  • Every guest we have had has been unique and every guest has been a blessing. After they left we felt as though the honor had been ours, not the other way around.

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